Regardless of when, in which part of the world, of what rank, for what purpose and of what nature your event is – a private party, company holiday campaign, public, artistic, creative or other media, a large corporate event with wide media coverage ... we will make it attractive, highly evocative and memorable.
SMILING SHARKS EVENT will offer you unique, efficient solutions, planned and designed exclusively for your event.

We have many years of experience, extensive technical resources, teams, professionals, managers, employees, consultants and tested know-how tools for planning, organization and management of events repeatedly proven best practices.

The purpose and mission of our creative department is to develop optimal, professional and consistent ideas, creative and paying attention to even the smallest detail to satisfy all your desires for the conduct, purpose, vision, impact and overall impression of your event.



Once we have received your inquiry, a filled-in booking online form, we'll contact you. Then together we will visit the venue, where face to face we’ll discuss your main idea and fill in an individual FULL EVENT PLANNING CHECKLIST!

If you do not have this option, you should send us detailed photographs of the space provided, along with our required details completed in PRELIMINARY SHORT CHECKLIST, received by us in the place with specified parameters - size, characteristics of the terrain (if outdoors), capacities, ideas for locations of the facilities, catering, stage, other equipment, etc.


Discussed in detail all our services, artists, entertainment and Support you with great pleasure to participate in the formation of the whole event entirely according to your requirements, and you will receive detailed information for your chosen artist, services, etc.

This saves time and reduces the package price for negotiating with one company about everything - your favorite artists and leaders (even if not yet included in our site, we will immediately invite them), advertising, PR, catering, video, photographers, hostesses, our proposal for location and location, full technical support in rider, VIP transport, specialized security, accommodation of special VIP guests, script, program and regulation, and anything else necessary.


As an extra we can invite to the event  special VIP guests - public figures and celebrities, popular cinema, music scene, sport, fashion, business, etc., which will give it star appearance, glamour and vision.

We guarantee that this part is performed with great pleasure by our partners and customers because there is nothing that we do not have for your event. We offer a full spectrum of any special services, training and resources.

Dress code

Only our special suggestions, ideas and packages that may be used, developed and customized for your event are over 120 different species!

All of your participants and special guests will be very impressed, will talk about your event long after with great enthusiasm, curiosity and interest. They will come back to all of your next events, parties or celebrations that will be totally different and more impressive than ever!

For now, at this stage we have not organized events only underwater and in space yet, but you never know, as you read these lines we may have already received such a request and suggestion!

Unleash your imagination, share with us even the most unconventional fantasies, and we will offer such solutions and original ideas that you may not have dreamed.