SMILING SHARKS RENTAL has been proven over the years, as a team of specialists and experts specializing in professional full technical support of the performing arts, public, media and other special events, such as appearances, campaigns, shows, concerts, tours, performances, festivals, awards, forums, contests, promotions, receptions, cocktail parties, reviews, and other shows of Bulgarian and foreign artists groups, clients and projects.

We have been working together since 1985 and we have repeatedly passed through the organization and full technical support of events, performances, engagements and contracts of all kinds, some of which are quite unusual and have been first tested in Bulgaria!

To get the maximum benefit from our special activities and services, you should make us more familiar with the concept, purpose, nature, specificity, and everything else needed as background information for your event, campaign performance, design, etc.
Because we approach to every new project, request or idea with responsibility. We give all of ourselves (usually more than we promise and contract) in its development and realization, and finally the results are impressive!

Here you can see some of the pictures that we have kept as an archive over the years:



Waiting for the show, we are ready now!

At this stage we can make up to 4 large, between 9 and 11 - small events from different characters of the same date at different points in the country and abroad!

Concerts, shows, tours and touring international bands, artists and performers:


TV prestigious concerts, performances and productions with the participation of the most outstanding Bulgarian artists, bands and performers:



Festival of cities with the participation of the most famous favorites of the Bulgarian audience:




Business, corporate and other prestigious special events, holidays, anniversaries, events, exhibitions, etc.



Festivals, contests, concerts and competitions of the various types and in all genres, styles and trends in contemporary art and entertainment, in Bulgaria and abroad:



Prestigious fashion competitions, shows and forums:


Prestigious fashion competitions, shows and forums:



With all the extras we can satisfy the most demanding artists, bands and singers.