1. You have a commercial and profitable ideas and conceptual designs into showbiz and entertainment industry and are looking for associates, managers, teams, sponsors, investors, advertisers, patrons, partners and producers.

And you've come to the right place.

We are "your people" and will develop with you your ideas and conceptual projects to a level and scale that surely you have never dreamed of.

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2. You want to break into showbiz, movies, TV, artistic PR, advertising and even the entertainment industry, such as:

♦ our associate, partner, agent, partner

♦ Artistic agent (entrepreneur)


♦ Personal Artistic Manager


♦ composer, arranger, music producer


♦ producer or publisher


♦ writer, director, creative director


♦ tour manager and stage director


♦ Event Manager


♦ specialist or expert in any of the areas and areas showbiz and entertainment


And make name that counts???


Yes, you're still in the right place!


Call us because our processes are very dynamic.


There will be launch and opening of many new activities, positions, departments, majors and services because our ideas and conceptual designs are not few.


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You can only win!