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We have the necessary winning formulas, concepts, strategies, databases, teams and proven senior professionals of all types listed online events and services, as well as artists and artistic ensembles of all genres.
Our rich experience and our contacts in the entertainment industry, event management and artistic management ensure your partnership and professional service at all - high standards and proven best practices in the world.

We will delight you with specially selected comprehensive resource artists, bands and orchestras from all of the commercial genres and styles in show business and all types of modern, mass, circus - variety, elitist, avant-garde, alternative and experimental art.

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Smiling Sharks specialized boutique company, offering a completely new personal standards and innovative concepts in showbiz, entertainment and modern mass and elite arts.

Why boutique?

Because we can not afford the luxury to only accept those ideas, invitations, suggestions, inquiries, artists or artists who will allow us to fully unleash your imagination and realize the unconventional, innovative and cutting-edge PR campaigns, artistic management, events, campaigns or events .

We make full use of:

All proven best international practices

Optimal creative potential

Professional management skills

for the creation and management of projects, activities, events, campaigns, expert teams and services as:

Event management

Exclusive personal artistic management

Entertainment, showbiz, movies, fashion, advertising, media and artistic PR

Full technical support professional rider in events of all kinds:

♦ Sound
♦ intelligent, artistic, theatrical and spectacular lighting
♦ covered scenes
♦ Ice screens
♦ pyrotechnics and fireworks
♦ catering
♦ Special Effects
♦ video with DTS and postobrabotka
♦ fences
♦ tents
♦ all necessary for the specific purpose of proven experts and specialists spetsializarana guards and staff!